Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lamp Revamp and Practice

Tonight at our house was pretty mellow: pick up the kids at daycare, grocery shopping at Wal-Mart, Subway for supper, a lamp revamp and some target practice for John.

Thanks to Miss Meg I had all the tools (mine only cost $6!!) I needed to redo this lamp you saw in yesterdays pic

Fabric and ribbon courtesy of our grocery trip to Wal-Mart...that's why I love Wal-Mart....

True before (last night I had a valance on it)

I spray painted the base....once again thank you Wal-Mart

Added the fabric and ribbon

Here's the finished product

Here's where the target practice part comes in...totally random but while the girls were crafting the boys were doing manly things ;)

Hunger Games anyone???

Love the lamp!!! I see more of them in my future!!! Have you revamped anything around the house lately???

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Creative Space

I have been wanting my own creative space for quite a while now. I usually just pull everything out when I craft and work on the kitchen table and then put everything back in the spare room/computer room/hunting room/spare closet/holds every single random item in our house room. I am going to assume you can image why that isn't very inspiring to me!!!

So I have made my own creative space in the playroom. This is a great place for me to spend time while the kids are playing...heck I spend most of my time in this room anyways....I might as well have a mommy space in there!!!

 This was made with all things that I already had around the house. I used one of the doors from the headboard in the master bedroom for the table. I used two side tables as the legs.

The shelf that is holding all of my paint and glue is a plate rack.

I hung one of my wooden apple crates on the wall as storage/shelving.

This is an old rusty tool box that is holding some miscellaneous items.

The space I chose is a little nook at the end of the hallway. I have never really known what to do with this space. I think that this works perfectly!!!

So what do you think? Do you have a place you go to be inspired and create???

Monday, August 27, 2012

Be Healthy Journey

Hello ladies...I want to share something with you today. As many women do, I struggle with my weight, especially after two c-section deliveries. I have no pressure from my husband he is amazing, he truly loves me just the way I am, whatever that may be. My struggle comes from within. At this point in my life I am not comfortable with my phyical apperance. I am happy, we have a wonderful life and we are emensly blessed. I am disappointed in myself though, I am disappointed with me physically and when it comes to my health. My husband and I have plenty of health risk factors passed down to us from our parents and I know that I need to take charge and do as much as I can to overcome those. I need to be healthy for my children and my family and most importantly for myself. Today is day 1 to a new lifestyle and I am inviting you to journey with me.

Every Wednesday I will be posting on my Be Healthy Journey. My goal is to lose 20 lbs by Christmas. That's 18 weeks, that averages to 1-1.5 lbs a week. I will be blogging about this journey with recipes, tips, victories and the occasional defeat I am sure.

I want this to be real and I want it to be helpful. So here is your official invitation, please join me on this journey. What would your Be Healthy Journey goal be? Where would you like to be in 18 weeks? What change would you like to make? Maybe you want to quit smoking, maybe you want to build your musle tone, maybe you want to lower your BMI or maybe you want to lose 20 lbs with me. Whatever it is, we can get there together.

All you need to do is leave your weekly progress note as a comment on my Be Healthy Journey posts. These posts will be on Wednesdays. Ask me antyhing or request a post over a certain topic. I will do my very very best to get you what you are looking for and I will always be there for encouragement.

So why would you do this with me you may be asking????? Becasue I am going to throw you a party that's why!!!! On January 5, 2013 I will be hosting a brunch at my home to celebrate our Be Healthy Journey victories.

I am very excited about this and you have to understand that it has taken alot for me to make this public. I figure it is the best way to make me accountable. Please won't you join me??? I need you!!!

So tell me....are you in???

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Love

Here are some things that we enjoyed this weekend...

women's ministry on Saturday morning (with daycare!!!)
a great way to start the weekend

yum yum

80th birthday and enjoying family

pinata hitting

coaching by Daddy

candy grabbing

vampire teeth

first sucker. like ever. in her life.

homemade biscuits for Sunday morning breakfast

What did you enjoy this weekend???