Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Day of Fun

While Daddy was away deer hunting I treated the kids to a day of fun aka this never happens but I had a weak moment day.

Subway for lunch
Trip to the library
Mall rides
Obnoxious amount of candy
Talk to Santa

Mommy was exhausted and so were these kids. They didn't get down for their nap until 4. As I am typing this at 6:58 they are still asleep, yeah for mommy time! Hope you enjoyed your fun day kiddos and I hope you don't have belly aches!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Holiday Mantle

I have been ready for a little Christmas but not all the way. We have Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve at our house so I hate to already have my Christmas decorations out before turkey day. So I decorated the mantle and a little more in the living room to satisfy my urge without spoiling the whole things.

This year I am going to do gold and bling :)

Do you have your Christmas decorations out yet????

First Trip to the Library

So the conversation went like this....

"Hey mom, what do turkeys eat?"

"Ummm....I think bugs and grass, I'm not sure. Ask your dad."

"Well, I think they eat rocks."

"No, they can't eat rocks. Turkeys have little tiny mouths."

"They can eat little tiny rocks."

There you have son is officially smarter than me. After this intriguing question I decided it was time for our first trip to the library.

First trip to the library hence the "1"

Mom of the year forgot to even take any pics while we were in the library. We ended up with three books an animal encyclopedia to tell us all about turkeys, a Diego book and a Monster Truck book. Great selection I say.

Why does every adventure end up like this?!?!?!?!?!?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Deer Season

I think that I have mentioned before deer season at my house is one of the national holidays. Friday night John left to spend the weekend in Mound City, MO at "Deer Camp." Deer camp is a grown up sleepover. Instead of sleeping in tents the men stay in campers and instead of drinking milk and eating cookies you drink adult beverages and eat cashews. There is usually an intense pitch game as well. Deer camp is a tradition for John and his family. I had to luxury of attending pre-children however it just doesn't seem to work out nowadays. Sunday afternoon Jagger and I went up to see John in Mound City and get a little hunting in before the new week.

Jag and I on the way to Mound City. Sorry, no makeup or hairspray allowed at deer camp. John's rules.

I had to hunt alone for the first time. John and I are usually in the stand together. I have to admit I got super bored. I got out and warmed up in the truck for about an hour. I toughed it out though. Only saw 3 doe :(

Jagger on the other hand got to go hunting with Daddy. Here is Jagger before....


And here is Jagger after....needless to say I think he got a little worn out. Oh, and by the way, the cell is an old one of John's that Jag plays with. You should witness some of the intense conversations he has on that thing!

Happy hunting everyone!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Be Healthy Journey {Week 10}

Week 10

Weight Loss Amount
14 lbs I have a confession to make - this number is from last week. I have been off my game for a few days now with some craziness at work and sick children. Here's to getting back on the ball and not falling off of the wagon! I have come so far I can't give up now. I could use a little encouragement. Thank you to all that follow and check in from time to time!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Maverick's Baby Shower!

This weekend we celebrated my sister and her fiance's baby shower for their sweet boy that is due in December.

The proud parents


Lacey and her friend Courtney who helped me put the shower together...thank you!!!

Lots of presents

The men

Proud papa

We had a great shower and baby Maverick has LOTS of new fun things to enjoy when he gets here. I CAN NOT WAIT to see that baby boy. I am SOOO excited to hold him and I am so proud of the little mama that my sister already is. Keep growing strong little Maverick we will see you soon!!!