Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekend Love

Here are some things that we enjoyed this weekend...

A little DIY! Finally a new floor in my dining room!!!  I removed the carpet, pad and tack strip and painted the floor and then added a stencil around the edges.

What do you think?

Flowers at work from my sweet husband. Love you babe.

The scariest spider EVER outside in the driveway!!!

My sister and her fiance are expecting in December and I am working on a sweet baby shower for them. Here's one of the pics for the invite.

How was your weekend?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Art Wall DIY

I moved some things around in the playroom and created an art wall. Jag has a table that houses all of his paper, crayons, markers, colored pencils and chalk.

I wanted a big sign that read "A-R-T" at the top of it.

I cut the word ART out of white card stock.

I cut several strips out of different scrapbook paper and then ripped those strips into little squares.

I glued the squares onto the letters collage style to decorate the letters.

I glued the letters to a white background piece of card stock and then to a 12x12 piece of scrapbook paper for a frame.

There they are hanging about the cutout in the wall. I love them. I think that they bring the whole wall together.

Where does your family display their art??

Thank you basket DIY

Our sitter Nicki kept the kids over night during John and I's date night last week. To thank Nicki for keeping the kiddos I made her a Thank You Basket.

I used a basket and some burlap that I had to make the basket. I included a thank you card, a magazine, some cookies, popcorn, suckers, the game of dominoes and a movie for everyone to enjoy on the night that the kids spent the night.

I cut out a banner from card stock and strung it on raffia.

I used stamps to make the word "thank you" on the banner. I used kabob sticks to put the banner on and then wove that thru the burlap and the basket to get it to stand up.

I really appreciate knowing that my babies are in safe hands and that John and I can relax and not have to worry. This was my way of showing Nicki how much she is appreciated. What unique way do you say thank you??

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Be Healthy Journey {Week 4}

Week 4

Weight Loss Amount
5.0 lbs

Slow and steady I guess. I had a couple of major cheat days over the weekend and I have seemed to come out just fine on the other side. I fully expect my weight loss to slow down anytime now because I still haven't introduced any additional exercise. Let's hear it are you doing?? I need an undate on you all!!! Let me know how your week has gone in the comments.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Date Night

Friday John and I took the day off of work and spent it together. We went to Kansas City for the day and went to a concert at the Beaumont Club on Friday night. We had a really good time together. It's so good to get some adult time and have conversations about things other than poopy diapers and trucks and trailers. I am true believer that these times away with John make me a better mommy when I get home. I ALWAYS miss my babies and I am ALWAYS ready to get home to them but the time away is very much worth it.

I don't have very many pics but here are some of our hotel room and some of us getting ready.

I don't have to make that bed!!! That alone makes me LOVE it!!!

Not a very good pic but you get the gist.

Here are some things that I felt during our night out...

1. We are getting old :) We are not used to staying out too late and drunk people are so rude.

2. I am SO glad to be married and settled and not playing the dating game. There is such comfort and confidence that comes with being a wife.

3. I am proud that John is my husband. As I scanned the concert that we were at (I am totally a people watcher) I was so proud to be standing with my husband. He is confident and handsome and I would not change one thing about him. I am very proud to be his wife.

We missed the kids so much and could not wait to pick them up. They were both crying before we even got home, back to normal! Thanks babe for the night out. I love you!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend Love

Here are some pics of what we enjoyed this weekend....

Sunday we visited the local orchard, a very fallish thing to do. Coming home to football and afternoon naps is also one of our favorite things! Here are some pics of the trip.

What did your family enjoy this weekend???